Who the Heck Are We?


Alex Bachwich, Concierge

Alex Bachwich is a Alex Bachwich photoproud airline dork who enjoys learning about all aspects of the business, from piloting and customer service to back-office route planning and scheduling optimization. A native of Rapid City, South Dakota, Alex boarded his first commercial flight at six weeks old and hasn't stopped flying since! His travel experiences spanning four continents, combined with his knowledge of how airlines operate, have enabled him to get his friends and family out of tight spots during their travels. He's excited for the opportunity to utilize his skills to help Cranky clients reduce the hassle of modern-day airline travel.

Alex is currently a senior at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, and hopes to pursue graduate-level studies in transportation operations research. In addition to his airline-related pursuits, Alex is also a semi-professional violinist in the local symphony orchestra, a bass in his university's a cappella group, and an avid competitive swimmer.

You can reach Alex at alex@crankyconcierge.com

Brett Snyder, President and Chief Airline Dork

Brett Snyder is the Brett Snyder photoPresident and Chief Airline Dork of Cranky Concierge. Brett is (obviously) a proud airline dork and author of the award-winning consumer air travel blog The Cranky Flier. Brett became the youngest known travel agent at the age of 12, so he has been helping solve travel problems for well over half his life.

In his career, Brett has worked at US Airways, America West, Eos, and United, so he understands how the business works from the inside. Even though he worked in an office and not at the airport, his favorite memories involve his near weekly stints helping out at in the Phoenix operation when he was at America West.

For years, Brett has helped his family and friends to get out of sticky situations while traveling. He now helps the public and has been recognized by Conde Nast Traveler as a Top Travel Specialist for providing urgent airline assistance in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Brett has developed a network of airline dorks, each of whom has been trained to provide excellent customer service to you. If you're not dealing with Brett and you ever have any problems, please contact Brett directly at brett@crankyconcierge.com.

Dave Junco, Office Chief

Dave Junco is an Dave Junco photoairline dork in training. He joined the Cranky team in 2011 as an intern to assist in day to day activities and to learn about the travel industry.

When he isn't taking your calls and answering your emails, he is a student in Long Beach. He studies English, but wants to keep his career options open, so he jumped at the chance to work and learn at Cranky Concierge when the opportunity came along.

In his free time he enjoys sports, particularly baseball, football and soccer, and loves going to the movies. He'll be happy to answer your questions and help you out when you contact Cranky.

You can reach Dave at dave@crankyconcierge.com

David Hotz, Award Travel Architect and Concierge

David Hotz has always loved the airline industry David Hotz photoand the many places that it can get him. He honed his travel planning skills as a kid when he called every airline in the phone book (remember those?) and had them send him their timetables. He quickly became the go-to travel guru for his friends and family.

David has spent years collecting frequent flier miles and has used them to travel all over the world in business and first class. He is excited to join the Cranky Concierge team to use his expertise to help get you where you want to go. When not traveling, David enjoys sports, food, playing with his dog and planning his next trip. David lives with his wife in Washington, DC.

You can reach David at david@crankyconcierge.com

Derek Pugh, Concierge

Derek Pugh is a proud airline dork, Derek Pugh photoas well as a seasoned traveler and aviation buff. Growing up Derek was always fascinated by the ability to defy gravity that flight provides. He has utilized this ability to travel around the world and developed a deep appreciation for the cultures that he has been exposed to.

His travels have given him a wealth of experience in the travel industry and a reputation for being able to get himself and his family & friends out of tricky and seemingly impossible travel situations. Derek is happy to be a member of the Cranky Concierge team, and looks forward to helping the public have the best experience traveling; whether it is around the world, or across the state. While not traveling, Derek is an avid sports fan that loves to watch a game of ball, from little-league to professional sports, in his home states of Texas & California.

You can reach Derek at derek@crankyconcierge.com

Jamie Vick, Concierge

Jamie Vick has been traveling with his family Jamie Vick photosince he was 3, visiting points all over the US and Europe. After a while he didn't care where we he was going as long as he got to fly.

When Delta merged with Northwest and his hometown airport in Cincinnati started to see big changes, Jamie began learning more about the airline business. He was amazed at how complex airline networks were and how they utilized hubs and banked schedules to maximize connections and minimize travel time for people. Jamie is now the go-to guy for all his friends' travels and he takes any chance he can to get away, including a recent trip to Japan.

You can reach Jamie at jamie@crankyconcierge.com

Kevin Roberts, Travel Architect

Kevin Roberts is a proud memberKevin Roberts photo of the Cranky Concierge team. He is a Dallas-based Travel Architect, building itineraries to get you wherever your heart desires. Kevin has lots of experience constructing journeys for himself and his friends. He's happy to finally get paid for it.

Kevin's first trip was to Norway at the age of 3 and he's had the travel bug ever since that time. A self-described foodie, his favorite part of traveling has always been trying the local food and drink. He prides himself on knowing great places to eat, and is always willing to try something new. His latest adventure was traveling with his family in South America.

You can reach Kevin at kevin@crankyconcierge.com

Nate Vallier, Concierge

Nate Vallier, is another Nate Vallier photoproud airline dork and "retired" airline customer service rep. Nate brings more than 15 years of experience in the airline/travel industry, starting at the age of 16 working in a local travel agency, by the age of 19 as a supervisor at O'Hare for a regional airline, and by his mid 20s was a director with an airline.

Despite airline travel benefits, he was active on a frequent flyer message board and provided assistance with mileage run planning. Nate's inside knowledge of ticketing, airline policies & procedures, and airline networks will help you when you need it the most. When Nate isn't busy watching over you, he turned in his elite frequent flyer status for a backpack & enjoys the trails in his home state of Alaska

You can reach Nate at nate@crankyconcierge.com

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